Focused on Infection Prevention. Together.

As Olympus continues to set new standards in endoscopy, we stay focused on the health and safety of patients and users. We strive to ensure that you have access to the latest advances in infection prevention with trusted products, comprehensive education and support that empowers you to perform your very best.

With this platform, Olympus provides information in the areas of infection control, reprocessing and microbiology, combining data-driven, practical advice and training with clinical and scientific information and research.

Olympus is your trusted partner in infection prevention, supporting you in minimizing infection risks so that you can deliver a high level of patient care and safety, independent of medical application, geographic area or patient history.

A healthcare professional taking a sample with a swab from the distal end of an endoscope.

Elevate Your Expertise in Sampling and Culturing

Explore our new e-learning with the focus on the essentials and important key aspects of endoscope sampling and culturing.

E-Learning Sampling and Culturing
Healthcare professional with agar plate in hand.

Quality Assurance

Sampling and culturing is key to monitor the quality of endoscope reprocessing. Find out more about important information and indicator microorganisms related to sampling and culturing.

Sampling and culturing
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Olympus Continuum

Experience our global entrance into Professional Education with training centers around the world, on-demand library and learning experiences including online courses and e-learnings.

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