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Video Bronchoscope
Scope Model
Product Group
Video Endoscope

Working Length (mm)
Channel ID (mm)
Distal End OD (mm)
3.1 (tapered part of distal end 2.9 mm)
Insertion Tube OD (mm)

  1. Products listed vary depending on the sales region. Please contact your Olympus representative if you have questions about the availability of Olympus products in your area.

  2. Wherever the cleaning brush MAJ-1888 (single use) is listed, the use of this cleaning brush is obligatory.

  3. Wherever the reusable cleaning brush BW-17K is mentioned, the additional use of the listed single use cleaning brush is obligatory.

  4. The information of the general indication of manual disinfection vary depending on your country. Please check your regional requirements and/or contact your Olympus representative if you have any questions.

  5. Sterilization is recommended, please follow the latest IFU and your local requirements.

  6. Detergent intended prior to automated reprocessing in endoscope washer-disinfector (EWD).