News on Infection Prevention

What’s new in infection control – and specifically in endoscope reprocessing? Find our selection of latest information and updates here.

Reprocessing nurse in front of a washer-disinfector.

Type Testing Washer-Disinfectors (EWDs), Part 1

Read more about the scope and conduct of tests by the EWD manufacturer according to the revised EN ISO 15883 series of standards.

Type Testing Part 1
Close up of the inside of an endoscope washer-disinfector.

Type Testing Washer-Disinfectors (EWDs), Part 2

Now available for download: Challenges faced by the manufacturers of EWDs and endoscopes when establishing endoscope type test groups in accordance with EN ISO 15883-4:2018, Annex H.

Type Testing Part 2
Close-up of a healthcare professionals wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) in front of an endoscope that is fully immersed in liquid.

Reprocessing of Single-use Products in Endoscopy

According to the Instrument Reprocessing Working Group (AKI), the only endoscopes, accessories and components that should be reprocessed are those intended to be reprocessed by the respective manufacturer.

Statement Reprocessing Single-use Products
Three healthcare professionals wearing protective masks.


The ANSI/AAMI ST98:2022 (Cleaning validation of health care products - Requirements for development and validation of a cleaning process for medical devices) has been published.

Tablet with "Recommendation" lettering

Instrument Processing: Value-Retaining Processing of Flexible Endoscopes

The AKI has summarized its recommendations for the processing of flexible endoscope.