Elution of Working Channels With the Flush-Brush-Flush-Method for Microbiological Testing of Reprocessed Endoscopes

When testing the microbiological condition of endoscope channels, the recovery rate of the detected microorganisms is of elementary importance.

The following work was carried out for method development:

  • Systematic testing of the recovery rates yielded by different elution methods

  • Investigation and characterization of the flush-brush-flush (FBF) elution method

  • Final field study on the FBF-method

In total, n = 101 clinically used and reprocessed endoscopes were inspected. The results obtained demonstrate that the microorganism recovery rate can be sharply increased by using an endoscope cleaning brush, followed by a 2nd flush. The higher recovery rate reduces the risk of false-negative results because there is a greater probability of identifying inadequately reprocessed endoscopes, thus enhancing the safety of patients, users and third parties.

Learn more about the scientific and technical background to the need for new elution techniques, the FBF-method and associated microbiological results of the field study, as well as the composition of the Methods Group 2.0.