Endoscope Reprocessing: Retrospective Analysis of 90,311 Samples

In literature, the contamination level of ready-to-use endoscopes varies from 0.4 % to 49.0 %. The interpretation of these results is difficult based on a limited number of samples and sites as well as different sampling and culturing methods and criteria.

The aim of this study written by Lionel Pineau (Eurofins Biotech Germande, France) was to analyze the results of endoscopes samples collected based on the French guideline and criteria.

The number of samples has increased significantly from 223 in 2004 to 18,288 in 2021. Over time, the overall quality of endoscopes improves, although it is still at an action level of about 12.0% in 2021. Different variants are described depending on the endoscope model.

Based on the results, the study indicates that an additional implementation of microbial surveillance strategies, a standardized sampling and culturing method and periodic observational audits must be made to improve the microbiological quality of endoscopes and reduce the risk associated with their use.

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Analysis of Endoscope Samples